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Winter/Spring 2023

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Discovery Harbour Marina

Living aboard during winter has become a dream docked right beside the down town core of my home town minutes from shopping, boat supplies, and more.

Just waiting on the weather situation to dummy up a little to start filming once again for my YouTube sailing channel.

I am going to be doing a multi part film on Campbell River's Waterfront and assets.

Winter Blues

      Busy brushing up on my video editing skills in Davinci Resolve 17.

      Looking forward in months to come hitting the shipyard to ready the boat for cruising season then heading out sailing and filming my adventurizing.

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eerie day.jpg

    The shirttails of this winter have been cold, windy, and wet as well as snow at higher elevations. Here at sea level we got one dump but the rain washed it away.

     My eerie capture sets the scene for this gloomy winter's folly. Yesterday while cold and windy at least I got out in a little sunshine as well as managed to film a YouTube video for the channel.

      Well kids it is close to a wrap on Winter - or at least winter's folly cold and miserable weather. At least we will switch to tolerable weather and more important for me is filming weather. I am hoping to meet a two week (for now) regular deadline for releasing my YouTube sailing channel videos. 

Discovery Passage.jpg
wby 42.jpg

     Spring is upon us however is refusing to give in to finer weather jabbing a few nice days here and there.

      This is our last month here on the docks for the winter leaving May 1rst for the shipyard here in the same harbour.

      The usual bottom clean and paint along with some smaller projects while on the hard and then it is off sailing for the upcoming season of fine weather (one would hope)

       Pictured is a sistership Whitby 42 but with a bow sprit. I do not have any off ship sailing pictures of Morning Star hopefully will ammend this summer.

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