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Many years ago I was listening to a song about the tropical lifestyle - rum, sandy beaches, sailing in tropical breezes and warm sunshine. I had always loved the ocean and boats, my calling was made. I never looked back. A library of  books on every subject about sailing and trips to tropical destinations became the lifestyle in the song. My married life of three decades ended when my wife succumbed to her illness, but not before we had started the dream - sold the house, bought a cruising boat, moved aboard, and sailed Mexican waters living the cruising lifestyle.

Now alone, I sold the Morgan OI 33 and purchased the sought after cruising dream boat a Whitby 42 center cockpit ketch and moved back aboard.


Living in the tropics had taught me a lesson - I wanted any major changes done before returning. A major refit and repowering with a new engine and drive train is almost done and so time to leave for tropical waters has almost arrived - the venture is about to begin...

the captain tells all

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Ahoy - I grew up beside the ocean. The beach and the sea were my playgrounds, Not sure if there is an accreditation for a master beach raft builder, but I became one. Voyaging as far as five miles riding the tide and using the kelp beds for anchors, I was a new age Vasco De Gamma beach kid.

Onto row boats, we had the use of the MO1, which was an old row boat with a seized Brigs and Stratton engine, but me the captain (the oldest) and three other kids for crew, one for each oar, our longest voyage was at least 20 miles return out to circumnavigate an island out in the Gulf of Georgia.

My next boat was a 14' Sangstercraft speedboat with a 50 Hp Merc outboard. Scooting through tidal rapids with whirlpools larger than the boat was of course a thrilling pastime. Thank God for that trusty old Merc outboard.

Next was fish boats. Dad bought an old fish boat for pleasure use. The rule was if I could throw that huge big flywheel to start it, I could use it - indeed I did. Next was a 30 foot troller fish boat I took up north exploring and fishing for two seasons .

After this I got a job as engineer on the commercial seine boats plying our west coast border to border on salmon and herring fisheries. I did this for many years.

I bought a sailboat - small but I sailed it everywhere - it had a motor but I took pride in even backing it out of slip while under sail. Eventually I bought a cruising sail boat in Mexico, a Morgan OI 33 sloop, we sold the house and moved aboard sailing and exploring the west coast of Mexico till my wife's health worsened.

I sold the Morgan and bought my present Whitby 42 center cockpit blue water cruising ketch capable of ocean passages. Home for years now has been aboard Morning Star. I am on the tail end of a major refit with just little things left to do. (but many) When all is ready, voyaging is in the plans - in the mean time I have put in place the means to share the experience with those of you out there.

Welcome Aboard