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Captain Ev

Sporting a tropical tan soon to return to the tropics for another.

Captained my first boat 50 plus years ago. A lifetime on the ocean in one capacity or another.




My dear friend for so long is moving to Mexico with her tres chihuahuas. I was honored she asked if she could come and she was too that I wanted her to join.

Awesome news

      Estimated departure plans are first weather window in October from Ucluelet (West Coast BC) strait offshore shot (80 to 100 miles off) to Ensenada Mexico where we will check into Mexico.

       We are buddy boating with the Morrisons on their Corbin Cosmic Debris. Not sure what there plans are once we reach Cape Cabo.

      The seasonal end of hurricane season in Mexican waters is November 1rst. Once in Mexico we will do anchorages on the outside of Baja on the way down including a visit with friends recently relocated there. Not turning North into 'The Sea' for now as we are sailing on to Manzanilla with stop in Mazatlan. 



Welcome Aboard