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Spring 2022 back to work 

   Warmer weather, boat to be off docks May 1rst, and plan to sail south end of summer puts an end to winter lolly gagging about and time to return to boat projects including system upgrades, and the ever present maintenance.  All of which are about readying the boat for the offshore sail south.

   Barnacle my diver was summoned to clean bottom, the thruster tunnel, ream out sea cock entry, and spiffy up the prop and rudder. 

    Next was reposition fuel filters and valving for main engine fuel making for easier access and more. Permanent fuel plumbing for Dickinson diesel heater is also going in place.  Keep in touch here for all future updates. 



New Roller Furling

    Replacing old Hood roller furling with Schaefer 2100 system.

    Also have second Schaefer 2100 for new inner stay but will hold off switcing to roller on the inside stay for a later date.


     Plans are to order new Precision Sails 100% Yankee for roller furling head stay as soon as I can get the proper measurements from the new install


      The Captain and his ship's last time on the awesome Gorge Harbour docks with the resort facilities. 

      We spent four winters here at the Gorge on the docks with extensive services available including water and power dock side, store, laundry, and so much more.

      Now on our private mooring which is sold when about to leave on our voyage south, but for now getting the boat ready a priority over summer coastal cruising 

     First Project - Have a brand new toilet for forward head and will be placing the other after rebuild in the aft head and shower room.  

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     Is sailing offshore to Mexico dangerous?

     Morning Star knows her way - was offshore seven years to Mexico, Caribbean, Brazil, Panama, and Hawaii before I bought her, and that was done with far less state of the art equipment than she has aboard now.

     The skipper has been on the water 65 years and captained his own boat offshore 50 years ago. I am also returning to cruising Mexico.

What is far More Dangerous than sailing my boat and crew offshore is Not Going - Not welcoming a Challenge, Not Living Our Dream. Not taking time to Smell the Tacos, Taste the Tequila, or journey to set sail under the Southern Cross.

     So excited to pull the hook and sail off on thee most awesome voyage of my life, Sailing Morning Star around this big world.

Picture - Isla de San Francisco - Baja

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Sail Inventory

The plan is to work with sail makers Precision Sails and eventually built a complete sail inventory for all conditions of passage be it offshore or coastal cruising. Having efficient head sails is the key to any upwind passages. All Morning Stars sails roller furl although am considering changing to a stack pack for the main sail which would allow battens and a larger more powerful sail. Will discuss this option with Precision Sails when the time comes.

The immediate plan is boat projects to be completed. 

Some are prority and others will get done when time allows.

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New 115% Head Sail

As of just the start of summer (2022) my new head sail has now been sent from design to production. The sail cloth has been upgraded to 400 Series Dacron - a foam luff added as well as Sunbrella Pacific Blue UV protection strips. The sail is being built to offshore quality and specifically designed for my boat with extensive measurements sent in for consideration.

This summer has been a long time coming as far as decent weather for deck projects huge on the list. Looking positive for a change and time to tackle rigging changes and much more - going to be busy...

Last Shuffle

The last of the storage totes containing materials and or tools and supplies are ready to to be used up on projects. 

Tools staying aboard will find storage nooks for future projects, as well as those left for later.

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       Morning Star salutes Canada Day

I was so fortunate to be born Canadian. Our country has been good to me all these years.

Can not say the same for our cold winters and am so looking forward to some warm tropical breezes coming our way.